In web traffic analysis, few terms are of major importance. The first one is the conversion rate. A conversion rate is a rate at which the visitors of a website take action and interact with the website. The other one is the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate at which people visit websites, but despite surfing it further or interacting, leave in a short time. Naturally, the bounce rate is not good for a website while the conversion rate is desirable. Every website owner wishes to have the lowest bounce rate, and the maximized conversion rate.

But, while trying to maintain a low bounce rate, most of the owners, developers, and designers forget one important thing. It is that; they need to curate their content and website to a specific group of audience. You cannot build a website for everyone. There has to be a target group you want to work on. If your target group itself is not defined, there is no way that your bounce rate would remain low. People would not have any interest in your website. Among the mistakes that web designers and website owners make, there are also some solutions. These solutions can help reduce bounce rates and preserve the conversion rate. Remember, only increasing website traffic is not indicative of the success of the website. By working on the weaknesses of your websites, you can keep more visitors.


How to Reduce Bounce Rate by Fixing Web Designing Mistakes?

Content management is the key to correcting web designing mistakes. If you cannot go back and change a lot of things with the website and its look, content is the best viable option. As mentioned earlier, you must curate your content according to the audience you wish to cater. This step will help in fixing the errors. Also, use easy language and eliminate grammar mistakes.

The color scheme is another important factor. With a good color scheme that is relieving and attractive to someone, the bounce rate can lessen. You might need a good graphic artist or designer for this work, but you should not shy away from it. Having a color scheme that matches the theme of your website and also the audience will help in getting the overall look of the website right.

Update all the information that you provide on the website. If you do not have a habit of updating the website, it can lead to a poor bounce rate. People dislike reading outdated information. Not just this, it can also lead to people believing that the content on your website is fraudulent. To protect yourself from these, you must update it every week or month.

Better navigation is another aspect that you need to focus on. The way you place the bars and tabs on your web pages is an important consideration. While pursuing out-of-the-box methods, if you place the tabs in different places, it can confuse people. For better navigation, you need to remember that simple is always better. You should not try to make it difficult for people. Along with it, ensure that not a long of space is covered by ads. Even if you want to place ads on your web pages, do it strategically.

Reduce Bounce Rate by Fixing These Web Design Mistakes