For web design, people try to use a lot of things at the same time. Having a good web design helps in attracting more customers and an audience. With various tools and paid software, web development and web designing have become easier. Although, the application of the mind is still required. This is because, for a good web page, people look for a few things. These include a good layout, user interface, simple and easy to locate features, good font, etc.

While the page design depends on how it is formed, many designers prefer using a maximum of two or three fonts. It helps in increasing the readability of the content. Further, things like search engine optimization, inbound links, alt text are common as well.

A good web page, in a website with large resources, is tough to make. This is because of the amount of data involved. Organizing 100+ web pages in just a few is not an effortless task. To do this, the best-recommended solution is pagination. With the help of pagination, you can organize the content of several pages. People can then choose which page they want to visit. Let us learn more about it.


What is Pagination in Web Design?

Pagination refers to designing and allocating pages in such a manner that a user does not have to scroll a lot. When the content on a website is large, pagination helps in managing it. You can form a directory that helps guide the user to the category they might look for. The most important thing related to pagination is its layout and structure. You can put it horizontally in a line or put it vertically on the right or left side of the page.

You must have seen pagination in search engines a lot. For instance, whenever you search for something on Google or Bing, you can find that it displays thousands of websites. But, you do not have to scroll till the end of these many websites. Instead, a few websites are on the display. And, if you want to see more websites, you simply click on the next page of the search engine or the number of the page you want to visit. In search engines, only the top 5 pages apply to what you are trying to search.

While designing a webpage for pagination, make sure that the area you want to show as clickable is visible. A lot of page numbers can confuse the visitors. So, prefer putting only 8-10 pages together than put previous or next tabs. There is another option of putting a tiny text box near the pagination option. It is helpful if people want to type the page number they want to visit.

Another tip for pagination is that you can divide the pages into categories. If you have a set of pages about Data ‘A’ then show it as one set of pages. And if you have a set of pages about Data ‘B’, then display it as another. Although it might take some time to update these features, once you have done pagination, the layout of your website would be far better.

What is Pagination in Web Design?