It is not about starting your web design business but starting it with no experience whatsoever. And yes, it is very much possible!

With great strategy and outline, you can start earning from your web design business within a short time without experience. Starting can be hard at first, but once you start, there’s no turning back.

Henceforth you will only need to hone your skills in generating traffic then converting the potential clients to paying clients. So, what strategies can help you get your web design business without experience on the road?



Without testimonials to face clients, freelancing becomes your best option. Remarkably, you can start freelancing for free, and it will expose you to many potential clients from all over. So how do you start?

You should sign up for a freelancer account and verify it to complete your profile entirely. While completing your profile, be vivid of what you can offer. Besides, clients will only hire you for your skills.

Freelancer is an excellent choice because it is a professional and noticeable platform filled with clients looking for freelancers. Therein, you will find several web designing projects up for grabs through bidding.


Cold Pitching To Local Businesses

Starting your web designing business requires you to gather the courage to reach out to local businesses. Most regional companies lack an online presence; and will highly need your services. However, even though they would like to have a website, how you pitch the idea to them matters as well.

First, begin by searching for the businesses within your area on Google. With the options available, check if they have a website because most have only social media accounts. Afterwards, email the person in charge.

This will require patience as it is tough being a salesperson. If necessary, you can try cold calling with a template ready with the right words to say. Your words will make or break the deal.



Everything is on the internet in this digital era, including your clients for your web design business. For you to reach your clients on the internet, you need to;

  • Create a website. Because you are starting, you don’t need a website with plenty of pages but instead a simple one with few pages to show your skills. Preferably, use a website creating a platform that is easy to use, beautiful and high-converting. With a ready website, you need to include quality content that speaks of your skills highly. This way, people will relate more to what you do and begin to engage your skills for their benefit.
  • Advertise in social media. After creating your website, you need to create ads on social media to drive traffic back to your site. Creating ads in social media can cost you if you have no specific target, as the response will be inadequate. Therefore, ensure you have a defined target audience. This way, you will reduce the cost of advertising significantly.

Starting a business always has a rocky start; however, it should not be a reason to quit. Ensure you strive to get one client at a time. Besides, referrals will do you great in growing. Therefore, ensure you do excellent services to get many referrals.

How to Start a Web Design Business with No Experience